Top Turkish Doner!

Doner is the topmost dish of Turkey and people around the world really like tasting it. Today we are going to tell you about the top Turkish Doner that are extremely famous and why you should try them when you go to any Café in UK, Turkey or any other place.

Eggplant Turkish Doner

Turkish doner is a very famous cuisine for summer and there are many type of donors which can be consumed in summers but what about winters? Is there any Turkish doner which is amazing to eat in winter? There surely is and it is called eggplant Turkish kebab.

Almost every person who is an admirer of Turkish cuisine knows that almost every region of Turkey has special and unique kind of Turkish kebab. In the South Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey eggplant Turkish kebab is consumed a lot. They are so famous that people don’t feel talk about any other kebabs but them. The eggplant Turkish Kebab is especially eaten a lot in winters. The significant feature of the eggplant Turkish kebab is that the eggplants are baked in this recipe. This is the southern Turkish style which adds a lot of flavor to these kebabs.

One other reason why people go for these kebabs is because they are very easy to handle .They are easy to make and especially cooked at homes. So if you are feeling blue on a Chilly evening then make sure to bake eggplant Turkish kebabs.

Tray Turkish Kebabs

Don’t you want us to tell you that there is some other kind of kebabs which are going to give you are really pleasant time. If you want to make sure that your taste buds party a lot then we have another option available for you and that is called Tray Turkish Kebabs

Turkish cuisine cannot exist without delicious and mouth watering Turkish kebab. There are so many forms of Turkish kebab that and each one of them is scrumptious and full of juicy flavors. When it comes to choosing the best out of them, it is quite hard to decide. Each one of them possesses a unique and peculiar taste and each one of these Turkish kebab is the best in its own special way.

Tray kebab is a form of Turkish kebab that is the speciality of Hatay region of Turkey. It is cooked in an oven and is presented on a tray with potato slices and tomato sauce on the top. This appetising Turkish kebab is easy to make and is delicious in taste.

The best thing about this kebabs is that they are very easy to make. You just need to arrange everything on a tree and then put the tray in the oven. If you have relatives coming up and you want to make sure that you give your family a wonderful time then make sure that you treat them with the tray Turkish kebabs.

These are the best Turkish kebabs and you can go on with anyone you like.




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