Satellite Radio – Dedicated Music Channels

Many satellite radio fans see that dedicated music channels are one of the greatest advantages provided by this new trend in technology. Sirius, among the two major satellite radio providers, supplies a wealth of dedicated music channels that are great for music fans that just cannot seem to obtain enough of a common groups.

One particular option is a station that’s dedicated solely to the Grateful Dead. Like all music channels, this channel is totally commercial-free and operates 24-hours per day. This means that no matter what time of the day or night you turn to that particular channel you’ll are able to savor the most truly effective of the Grateful Dead as well as specialty programming concerning the iconic group that’s not available anywhere else.

The Grateful Dead; however, isn’t the only group that has received a dedicated satellite radio music channel. Elvis Radio is another high popular channel. Actually, it is the only official radio channel on the planet focused on broadcasting all-Elvis Presley programming. Programming is broadcast live from Graceland. Everything from the early years to Elvis classics and his comebacks are played on All-Elvis. Listeners may even listen to call home tracks and rarities which are difficult to get anywhere else.

Other groups and musicians which have received dedicated music channels include Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, George Straight and The Who.

Recently it had been announced that Sirius will once more dedicate a station to the Rolling Stones within the release of’Shine a Light ‘; a Scorsese film. Not only can listeners have the ability to enjoy fabulous hits of the Rolling Stones but also interviews with band members as well. Like most of the dedicated music channels on Sirius, Rolling Stones Radio will air for a restricted time only. Broadcasting will become on March 18th and last through April 15th.

Before, Sirius has additionally offered music channels that were focused on providing music for special events and holidays. Throughout the Christmas season, ترددات النايل سات three different music channels were dedicated entirely to holiday music. A complete channel was also focused on the artists and personalities who helped to shape and influence African-American music during Black History Month. Lionel Richie, Charlie Wilson, LL Cool J and numerous others were featured on the channel through the month the music channel ran.

Satellite radio has become extremely popular in the last several years due to the level of exclusive programming and entertainment that only can’t be found elsewhere. Dedicated music channels are only one of these of the initial content and programming which satellite radio offers over traditional AM/FM radio.

Satellite Radio Family Programming

Don’t think that SIRIUS and XM are adults-only medium, involved with shock jocks and edgy comedians. There is enough of family-friendly content readily available for both providers. While satellite radio has allowed for more free speech than conventional radio has ever attempted (since analog radio is controlled by numerous sponsors and consumers groups) they have also managed to create numerous shows and channels meant for children and families. Consider some of these hottest programming that’s suitable for all ages.

SIRIUS made headlines by acquiring Martha Stewart’s input for a new channel called Martha Stewart Living Radio, as well as high profile political commentators like Bill Press, Michael Reagan, Bill Bennett, Lynn Samuels and G. Gordon Liddy. They’ve also secured relates to celebrity musicians for exclusive music channels from such talents as Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett and Rolling Stones Radio. SIRIUS radio has additionally led the way in original Christian programming with gospel music channels like Spirit and Praise and the FamilyNet Radio channel, covering Christian lifestyle talk.

There’s also channels specialized in health and medical information such as for example Doctor Radio, as well as children’s programming from the Radio Disney Channel and Kids Stuff. You can even reminisce with the RadioClassics old time radio channel or sample sports programming from the Sirius NFL Radio channel, the Sports Play-by-Play 1 or the ESPNEWS channel. Recently, SIRIUS announced plans for a movie service called Backseat TV, that’ll feature streaming video from three family-oriented channels in Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network Mobile. This will allow backseat drivers to savor a significant show while the people drive on to the destination. This is a good way to keep the children entertained!

What about the XM channel? XM offers more options in the way of family entertainment, including children’s channels like Radio Disney and XM kids as well as family comedy shows like Laugh USA. There’s also general entertainment channels to think about like Oprah & Friends, a self-help talk station, E! Entertainment Radio and XM Live for the latest news. There is also the Sonic Theater channel, which features audiobooks and radio dramas as well as the Radio Classics channel, which delivers old time radio to longtime listeners.

In the coming years, listeners may have a lot more choices for family entertainment, including the capability to customize their very own stations and block adult programming. SIRIUS and XM are even discussing a new deal that will allow users to decide on only 50 channels of these choice for a lowered price, as opposed to paying a full subscription price and getting 200+ channels.

The family-friendly option the firms work on enables subscribers to block adult programming and actually get a price credit for his or her decision, meaning they could save additional money or order another channel in the place of the blocked one. That is called “a manhunter carte programming” and will debut shortly, following the state merger. Both providers offer the best of radio programming today, whether you are looking for adult fun or fun for your family.

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